Best CNG Kits in India.


While all CNG kits are good when installed under an expert technical supervision.

Usually we recommend following CNG Kits for Maruti Ertiga, Swift Dezire, Baleno, Celerio, Wagan R, Alto, Hyundai Santro, i10, i20, Xcent, Creta, Verna, Honda Amaze, Honda City, Honda Civic, Toyota Eios, Liva, Glanza, Innova Crysta, Yaris, Renault Kwid, Triber and others

  • Lovato                 
  • Mijo Premium
  • BRC       
  • Tomasetto         
  • Motozen                            
  • Landi Renzo          
  • MSequent   
  • Others

Most of car owners are now shifting their focus towards CNG cars due to skyrocketing Petrol and Diesel prices. CNG fitted cars are environment friendly and releases very less toxic gas, so effectively CNG fitted car owners are contributing towards green environment.

Whenever you are buying a CNG Kit you must know following beforehand.

Rising price of petrol and diesel makes CNG cars very economical and useful. A kilogram of CNG gas costs about Rs. 20-30 lesser than a litre of petrol and diesel, therefore more and more car owners are looking at cost effective yet reliable CNG fuel.

Compatible CNG Kit

You must find out compatibility of your car, whether your car is CNG kit compatible, before installation of CNG Kit. Usually all new cars are coming with CNG kit compatible, but if your car is of older make then you should check it first.

CNG Kit Installation Costs

There is an investment of about Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 approx. for installation of CNG Kit. But this investment is worth every penny and easily gets recovered in about 1-2 years because of low running cost of a CNG Car.












Mileage of CNG car

Mileage of car is one of the main attractions of having a CNG kit in your car. If you are filling your car with a petrol of Rs. 2500 it may give you travel of about 450-500 kms, but if you start driving a cng kit fitted CNG cars, you can travel same distance at cost of Rs.800/- to Rs. 900/- only. Imagine the kind of saving you will be making in a year. CNG cars may give give 40% to 50% higher mileage than a petrol car.

Average cost per kilometer on CNG cars are about Rs.2-3 which means you can save thousands of rupees every month.

Safety of passenger

If safety is your concern, CNG is much safer than petrol or Diesel. CNG engines produce very lower level of Carbon Dioxide which means these kits are environment friendly also.

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