How to Maintain your CNG Car


You seem to be the proud entrant in the league of CNG Car owners, welcome aboard to Drive CNG.

CNG Car maintenance is must to know for all CNG Car owners, you should know dos and don’ts of using a CNG Kit installed car. Let me share with you step by step tips on how to maintain your CNG Car.

  1. CNG tank Inspection: Please check the CNG Tank of your CNG car regularly. Avoid running your CNG Car on empty tank, as it will reduce the cylinder’s pressure and increases the risk of the valves exploding. If you are away from a CNG gas filling station you should run your car on petrol in case your CNG Tank is empty. You should change the valves also intermittently, cost of valves range between Rs.200 and Rs.400 based on your CNG car kit. If you check the CNG tank regularly it will definitely reduce the risk of any emergency situation.
  2. Leakage of CNG: Leakage doesn’t' happen in CNG Cars often, but stay vigilant about leakage of CNG, if you find any leakage, any noise of gas releasing, any damage to CNG pipe work, turn off your car without panicking. Do not run your car even on petrol. If you are aware then close the manual shut off valve which is mounted on the cylinder in case, you are not aware do not try. You call your Drive CNG authorised service centre or any other authorised service provider for immediate check-up of your car.
  3. Spark plugs: Check your spark plugs, as it wears out faster in CNG cars. Spark Plugs should be cleaned and checked after every 20000 km or 12 months for a CNG car. You may also like to use special spark plugs meant for CNG Cars which is available at nearest CNG car service centres.
  4. Auto Switch to CNG: With new technological evolution, now most of CNG cars starts on Petrol and switches to CNG mode automatically. It is designed to switch from petrol to CNG after running of car for around 1-2 km. Once engine ignites on petrol and runs on it for couple of Kilometres it lubricates the engine and in turn enhances the life of engine.
  5. Air filter: You must get your Car's air filter cleaned or replaced periodically. It should be clean minimum twice in a year and better would be if changed annually during servicing of your car. It is advisable to clean your Air Filter after every 5000 km and change it after 10000 kms.
  6. Filter cartridge: Timely replacement of filter cartridge can enhance engine's performance. You should replace the filter cartridge of your CNG car at every 20000km. In case it's not changed during periodic car servicing, then power of your CNG Car will be wasted.

Above car maintenance tips should be followed in addition to other informative details given by technician after installation of CNG Kit in your car.

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