Misconception on CNG Cars


If rising petrol and diesel prices are making you sweat, switch to CNG the most cost-effective fuel option. CNG Cars are the best alternative and

pocket friendly option for those who wants to save money, while driving his car daily for work.

And once you switch to CNG Cars you are switching to greener mobility which is need of the hour and environment friendly too.

CNG kit fitments are being done by experts and its reliable, transparent, and most importantly an economical option for daily driving.

Mostly buyers are very evolved, and they do lot of research & survey before any investment. Better would be to understand the advantages and disadvantages to Drive CNG cars before switching from petrol/diesel.

Nomura Research Institute suggests that if the necessary infrastructures are put in place, CNG cars are likely to account for 50 percent of vehicle sales in India by 2030.

Government of India is also planning to setup more than 10,000 CNG stations in another 10 years’ time. So, get ready for more CNG cars on road with new CNG models in times to come.

Though, there has been significant shift towards CNG cars, but there are certain misconceptions around CNG cars. Misconceptions are primarily related to Safety of driver & passenger, performance of the car, and acceleration of vehicle

Following are misconceptions and answers against them to remove your doubt.

1: CNG cars are not safe

This is not true. The CNG Kit installation process is undertaken by expert technicians. Now new CNG kit comes with a leak proof design, and superior quality pipes and joints which prevents leakage and ensures complete safety of car owner, driver and passengers.

Car owners should go to a renowned CNG Kit fitment centres, which has a track record and their work is being supervised by team of experts.

Quality CNG Kits and original spares as recommended by Drive CNG must be taken into consideration before getting a CNG Kit installed.

2. Performance of CNG Cars

Now CNG Kit comes with latest technology which most of European countries are using, wherein interdependent ECUs with an intelligent CNG injection system are used which ensures smooth pickup and driving pleasure.

3. Life of Engine reduces after CNG kit fitment

Now it's been more than 20 years of CNG Cars on road in India and millions of cars are running on road on CNG fuel.

There have not been cases where CNG fitted cars didn't last long as a petrol or diesel car, unless the Car owner has not taken care of timely CNG Car servicing and maintenance.

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