Hydro Testing of Cylinder

All CNG run vehicles should have compliance plate affixed at appropriate place on the vehicle and ensure their CNG cylinders hydro tested every three years with valid hydro test certificate as per Gas Cylinder Rules 2004. The date of last cylinder testing should be punched on every CNG cylinder and compliance plate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CNG Kit is good for a car’s engine. In fact, CNG kit makes your car a lot more efficient and economical. All big automobile brands i.e. Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, are now producing CNG kit fitted cars and the number for CNG Cars are selling more than that of petrol or diesel

A: Safety of driver and passengers are major concern for people who want to buy a CNG cars. CNG is completely safe to use because the CNG ignites at a temperature of 649 degrees Celsius whereas petrol ignites at a much lower 315 degrees Celsius. If there is any leakage, petrol cars are at greater risk than a CNG Car.

Always start your car on Petrol and run it for about 2 Km before switching to CNG
Frequent servicing of Car
Specialist Tuning. Whenever CNG kit requires tuning, you should choose an authorized service canter or a professional technician.
Spark Plug replacement
Do not drive on empty Tank.
Timely Valve Replacement

If you are planning to buy a CNG car, it’s definitely an intelligent decision, because

If you travel daily about 50-70 kilometres, a CNG car is much better and economical option.
Petrol and diesel prices are expensive than CNG, you will not only be saving money while driving your CNG car but also be contributing towards greener environment.
CNG cars are considered environment friendly as they produce very less level of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.

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Millions of people now drive cng cars, as it saves money and environment too. As per the gas cylinder rule of India standard bureau 2004, hydro testing of cng cylinder is mandatory in every three years. It's advisable to get the cylinder testing done on time to avoid any mishap.

While hydro testing is being done at government approved centres, yet it's important for vehicle owners to know what all are being checked at hydro testing centres and why you must get it done. Leakage if any, corrosion or dent in cylinder and pressure handling strength on cylinder can be identified through testing process.

We understand from market that many a people don't take hydro testing seriously and tries to get compliance plate affixed through unregulated means and processes and invites an easily avoidable life-threatening fire hazard.

We must check the expiry date of a cylinder. The useful life of a cylinder is 15 to 20 years as per natural gas vehicle standard. Customers can reach out to Drivecng.in/testing-cylinder.php for cng cylinder hydro testing at government approved centres.

Once your hydro testing of cng cylinder process completes and okayed by testing centre, customer is provided with a compliance plate with a validity of another three years so that cng station should fill the CNG in his/her car.